PHP Development Course

PHP Development Course - Master the Art of Back-End Web Development

Unveil the Power of Server-Side Scripting with Our Comprehensive PHP Development Course

Step into the world of back-end development with our PHP Development Course at Softs Solutions Service, an esteemed IT Training Institute in Ahmedabad. Designed for beginners in web development and experienced coders alike, this course provides comprehensive PHP Development Training. It covers the essentials for creating dynamic, data-driven web applications with PHP. We also offer a PHP Development Internship and IT Training and Placement services, ensuring a blend of practical experience and career progression opportunities in PHP Training and Placement. 

Course Overview:

Embark on your journey in the realm of server-side web development with our comprehensive PHP course. PHP, a stalwart in the web development world, is known for its role in creating dynamic and interactive web applications. As a server-side scripting language, it is crucial for developing the backend of websites and applications. Our course is scrupulously curated to guide you from the foundational aspects of PHP to the point where you can competently engineer intricate web applications.

Why Learn PHP?

Widespread Use: PHP powers a significant portion of the web, including major platforms like WordPress.

Versatility in Web Development: PHP's versatility makes it ideal for developing a wide range of web applications.

Database Integration: PHP seamlessly integrates with numerous database management systems, vital for web development.

Career Opportunities: PHP developers are in demand for their ability to build and maintain dynamic websites and applications.

What You Will Learn:

PHP Syntax and Basics: Gain a solid understanding of PHP syntax and basic programming concepts.

Data Handling: Master how to handle user input, manage sessions, and maintain data integrity.

Database Integration: Learn to connect PHP with databases like MySQL to create data-driven applications.

Object-Oriented PHP: Delve into object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP to write more modular and reusable code.

Security Best Practices: Understand essential security measures to protect applications from potential threats.

Frameworks: Explore popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony to streamline development.

API Development: Create and integrate APIs for enhanced application functionality and third-party interactions.

Testing and Debugging: Acquire skills in testing and debugging to ensure the reliability and stability of your applications.

Project Work:

Throughout the course, engage in hands-on projects that solidify your learning experience. By the end, you will have built a series of projects that not only enhance your knowledge and skills but also contribute to a professional portfolio to showcase to potential employers or use as a reference for future endeavors.

Why Choose Our Course?

Expert Instructors: Learn from professionals with extensive experience in PHP development.

Practical Application: Participate in interactive coding exercises and real-life project work for hands-on learning.

Flexible Schedules: Opt for part-time or full-time classes, available both online and in-person to fit your lifestyle.

Career Services: Access job placement assistance and networking opportunities within the web development industry.

Ongoing Support: Our dedicated student support team is available to assist you throughout your learning journey.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Beginners interested in a career in web development.
  • Experienced developers looking to enhance their back-end development skills with PHP.
  • IT professionals aiming to diversify their skill set in server-side programming.
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs needing to develop or maintain dynamic websites.

Course Details:

Duration: 03 - 04 Months

Format: Available both online and onsite

Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a PHP Developer Certificate, affirming their proficiency in PHP development and readiness to tackle real-world web development challenges.

Embark on Your PHP Development Journey:

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to create robust and efficient web applications using PHP. You'll be well-prepared to join the ranks of professional PHP developers or to enhance your existing projects with advanced back-end capabilities.

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    The course will cover topics such as:

    1. Introduction to PHP
    2. Writing Basic PHP Scripts
    3. Working with Data Types and Variables
    4. Working with Functions and Operators
    5. Working with Arrays and Control Structures Working with Strings, Math, and Dates
    6. Working with Forms, Files, and Databases
    7. Working with OOP in PHP
    8. Error Handling and Debugging in PHP
    9. Security in PHP
    10. Developing Web Services using PHP etc.
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