Android Development Course

Android Development Course - Building Innovative Mobile Apps

Unlock the Potential of Mobile App Development with Our Comprehensive Android Development Course

Embark on a journey into mobile app development with our comprehensive Android App Development Course at Softs Solutions Service, a top IT Training Institute in Ahmedabad. This program is designed for both beginners and seasoned developers, offering deep insights into Android Development Training. It encompasses essential knowledge and contemporary techniques for crafting dynamic and user-friendly mobile applications on the Android platform. The course includes an Android Development Internship and IT Training and Placement, ensuring a full spectrum of Android Training and Placement opportunities. 

Course Overview:

Join us in exploring the vast and ever-evolving landscape of Android development. Android, powered by Google, is the most widely used mobile operating system, offering endless opportunities for developers. Our course is thoroughly designed to guide you from the fundamentals of Android development to the advanced concepts required to build complex and market-ready Android applications.

Why Learn Android Development?

Widespread Popularity: Android holds a significant share in the mobile market, making skills in Android development highly valuable.

Open Ecosystem: Benefit from the open-source nature of Android, offering a flexible and diverse development environment.

Innovation Opportunities: Android continually introduces new technologies, keeping the platform at the forefront of innovation.

Career Growth: High demand for skilled Android developers in the tech industry, with numerous opportunities in various sectors.

What You Will Learn:

Kotlin and Java: Master Kotlin and Java, the primary languages for Android development, known for their efficiency and interoperability.

Android Studio and SDK: Get proficient with Android Studio and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to create and test applications.

UI/UX Design for Android: Learn the principles of designing intuitive and appealing user interfaces and experiences specifically for Android.

Android APIs and Libraries: Utilize Android’s extensive APIs and libraries for functionalities like databases, networking, and location services.

Data Persistence: Understand how to store data locally on devices or integrate cloud-based storage solutions.

Material Design: Implement Google's Material Design guidelines to build aesthetically pleasing and functional applications.

Testing and Debugging: Develop skills in testing and debugging Android applications to ensure performance and reliability.

Publishing to Google Play Store: Learn the process of preparing and publishing apps to the Google Play Store.

Project Work:

During the course, participate in hands-on projects that solidify your learning experience. You will develop a portfolio of Android applications, showcasing your ability to solve real-world problems and meet user needs.

Why Choose Our Course?

Expert Instructors: Gain insights and knowledge from professionals with extensive experience in Android development.

Practical Learning Approach: Engage in interactive exercises and project work for hands-on application of skills.

Flexible Learning Options: Opt for part-time or full-time classes, available both online and in-person to accommodate your schedule.

Career Services: Access job placement support and networking opportunities within the mobile app development industry.

Ongoing Support: Receive guidance and assistance from our dedicated student support team throughout your educational journey.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Individuals new to programming who want to specialize in mobile app development.
  • Experienced developers seeking to transition into Android development.
  • IT professionals looking to expand their skill set in the mobile domain.
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers who aim to develop Android applications for business or personal projects.

Course Details:

Duration: 03 - 04 Months

Format: Available both online and onsite

Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of programming concepts. Familiarity with Java or Kotlin is helpful but not required.


Upon completion, participants will receive an Android Developer Certificate, affirming their ability to build functional and innovative Android applications.

Start Your Android App Development Journey:

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to develop compelling Android applications. Whether you aim to join the professional ranks of Android developers or enhance your personal projects, you’ll find immense value in our comprehensive course.

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    The course will cover topics such as:

    1. Introduction to Android and Android Studio
    2. Building Layouts with XML
    3. Activities and Intents
    4. Working with Fragments
    5. Persisting Data with SharedPreferences and SQLite
    6. Working with Services, Broadcast Receivers, and Notifications
    7. Accessing the Internet and Networking
    8. Working with Content Providers
    9. Location-Based Services & Google Maps API
    10. Material Design & Animations
    11. Debugging & Performance Tuning
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