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The Iron Ninja 3D Game Battle Steel will be the most exciting game in your vocabulary.Legend Hero Super Dino Fight Warrior is a cool fighting game on your phone It's time to attack the villains. Is a hero to protect the world Destroy all monsters. You may play many other super heroes. Mission fighting game. Help The Iron Ninja 3D Game War has arrived! Power The Iron Ninja 3D Game Shadow Battle Steel Combat and beat at the highest point. Is a game that is easy to control, like hats, hairstyles and more,You have the most basic control! Just have to dodge your power jump, become the best power and destroy your evil enemies with your skills. COLLECT NEW WEAPON & UNLOCK HEROES Unlock many different superheroes. Each hero has different elements: Fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, and more. Collect the heroic pieces to unlock your hero. Features of The Iron Ninja 3D Game: - Beautiful graphics - Easy to play and control - Wonderful sound - Smart challenge with many levels and maps - Fully Hero 3D Dino fully - Many Many challenges at each level - Destroy enemies and get power-up item, gold to increase your power or upgrade fighter. Download and play The Iron Ninja 3D Game - The Iron Ninja 3D Game right now, we believe that the ninja games will bring to you lots of emotions.